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    How To Use Facebook For Law Firms Part Three: Linking Directly To Your Firm’s (or Company’s) Page


      Facebook gives you the option to add “Education and Work” information to your profile. If you choose to provide that information, and you’re working with a Firm or Company that also has a Facebook page, you might like to link directly from your page to your company’s page.

      If you’ve tried to do that, there’s a decent chance that instead of linking to your company’s actual Facebook page, you ended up creating a brand new (useless) company page.

      Here’s one way to fix that, using Firefox.  Get ready to roll up your sleeves.  And get some coffee.

      1.  Open Firefox.  Make sure it’s updated to the current version.

      2. Install this browser addon. After you’ve installed it, restart your browser.

      3. Log in to Facebook as yourself , then navigate over to your company’s Facebook page; that is, the page you want your profile to link to. We’re going to hunt for and then copy your company’s ID #. Find it by either:

      • checking the URL for your company’s page, and copying the string of numbers at the very end, after the last forward slash (“/”); OR
      • clicking on the “Forms” tab that is now installed on your toolbar, enabling “Display Form Details” (your screen will now display code), and then scanning the page to find the ID #, usually contained within company wall posts.   The ID # will be the # that appears repeatedly throughout the company’s wall posts, and is often preceded by the word ‘actor’ in the code.

      4. Go back to your personal profile page, select “Edit Profile,” select “Education and Work” and click “Add Another Job” just as you normally would to add an employer.

      5. Enter a popular company name in the employer field (e.g. National Geographic), so their logo pops up in the field. Don’t worry, it’ll be replaced soon.

      7. Click on the “Forms” tab that is now installed on your toolbar, select “Display Form Details”,  find the ID # for the company name you picked (e.g. National Geographic) and replace its ID # with YOUR company’s ID #.

      8. Hit return and you should then see your company’s logo appear on the screen among all the other codes and such.

      9. Uncheck “Display Form Details” and fill in the rest of the Employer form fields as you normally would, and then save your changes.

      At this point, whoever has permission to see your employment details will also be able to click directly to your company’s page right from your profile.    Say goodbye to those useless “extra” company pages.


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