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    How To Use Facebook For Law Firms Part Two : 3 More Tips


      For many of us, understanding how to use a blog to drive business on the web is clear. Using Twitter, well, that probably took a little more time. But Facebook?

      In this series, How To Use Facebook For Law Firms, we explore how your law firm can benefit from Overlord Zuckerberg’s monstrous creation. In Part One, we discussed exclusive content, pages and groups, and engagement. This is Part Two. Get ready. It’s hot.

      1) Take a look at Page Insights.

      From the main view of your law firm Fan Page, click “View Insights”. This takes you to a handy graph that shows usage and visitation patterns for your Facebook fiefdom. The data is not particularly rich: you can see the number Users and Interactions (likes and comments) plotted over time. Week and month views are provided.

      In spite of the limited information, one thing you can certainly measure is growth (or shrinkage) over time. Fans of Google Analytics will feel right at home. Below is a screenshot of Facebook Insights from the Rocket Matter page:

      2) Watch Your Post Frequency

      I have one word for you if you funnel your Twitter account into your Facebook page status update: you’re burying the world with Facebook spam. No only that, the hashtags and little ‘@’ signs make it seem like alien species, like the boa constrictors invading the Everglades down here in Florida.

      Even if you’re not using Twitter and posting on your Fan page all of the time, you risk annoying your fans, who may end up deciding to hide all of your messages. And Facebook makes it easy if you don’t want to endure someone’s fire hose of information. Not to pick on my friend Niki, but if I wanted to make her stuff invisible it’s quite easy. You click on the X by their post and voilá:

      3) Employ Apps

      Switching up the tabs and functionality you can add to your Facebook page can differentiate yourself and make your page more of a destination. It can also help you assemble various pieces of your online life. For example, on the Rocket Matter page, we added the JD Supra app so that our documents are easily listed.

      Questions is another great app for law firms to employ. Much as the name suggests, Questions allows you to send out little poll questions to your friends. These quizes are always fun to take, can be a lot of fun, are certainly interactive and can raise your brand profile.

      In March, Facebook added the ability for companies to embed their own content into a Facebook fan page via something called iframes (this is not a Facebook invention, it is a standard web widget). Setting up your own content within a Facebook iframe may be a little tricky for some to figure out. Take a look at this tutorial and make a judgement call. Somone with computer knowledge, even a kid in the high-school computer club or a university intern could help out inexpensively.

      In our next post, we’ll take a look at Facebook ads, Events, and more Facebook law firm strategy.

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