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    How to Write an E-Book: The Career Change E-Book by Shavitz Law Group

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      imsOur client firm The Shavitz Law Group, a national employment law firm located here in Boca Raton, FL, recently published their first e-book. When they first came to us they we’re not employing content marketing. Rocket Matter showed them the importance of sharing information to draw web traffic and how to write an e-book.
      Since the Shavitz Law Group represents workers with employment law issues, we wanted to identify a broad subject that would attract workers whether or not they knew they needed a labor lawyer. We settled on the idea of changing careers, which has an enormous search volume.
      Once we identified the topic, we scheduled out blog posts that would eventually comprise the e-book using an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar is helpful to accomplish this objective, as it allows you to identify keywords, post titles, and publication dates.
      Once enough blog posts were compiled for the content of the book, we assembled them all in a big Word® document with a table of contents, an “about us” blurb that described the firm, and a brief intro describing the subject matter. Off it went to a proofreader. We don’t have one on staff but there’s a ton of them online, including high-school English teachers making a little extra cash on the side.
      Once back from the proofreader, we dressed it up with a beautiful design. We wanted something classy and elegant but not boring: the e-book had to look awesome and invite people to read it. So we settled on an outside cover, an inside cover, and once put together, we released it into the wild.

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