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    How Twitter Tipped Over at Legal Tech – Interesting Anecdotes


      The prevalence of Twitter at this year’s Legal Tech was remarkable. It reached a tipping point, and to get an idea of how this new technology is changing things, here are a couple of anecdotes that paint this picture…

      Someone I knew forgot their cell phone charger at home. They shall remain anonymous. To help out and avoid a needless $30 purchase, I sent out a Tweet asking if anyone at the conference could loan a charger. Before you know it, Andrea Cannavina (@legaltypist) responded to my call and I had a charger in my hand.

      Kevin O’Keefe, Matt Homann, and Chris Winfield led a session called “What is Twitter and How Can I Use It?” I would say 150 people attended. Many of those attending, such as Bob Ambrogi and myself, were Tweeting about the session. I can only describe this as Twitter in stereo: Matt and Kevin presented while almost instantaneously Tweets on their Twitter talk came pouring in.

      We came to Legal Tech with a head start on some relationships we built via Twitter. It’s a beautiful thing – you get a sense for people via social media, so when you meet them in real life, you shake hands and pick up the conversation where you left off. For people who truly enjoy networking and getting to know other people, Twitter’s advance work adds a whole new dimension of richness to the experience.

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