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    The Importance of Personal Growth and Development- Part 1 of 2


      The Importance of Personal Growth and Development- Part 1
      We all dream of a living a life filled with value and purpose, yet in today’s fast-paced society it is incredibly easy to become complacent with what we have and what we know. What many fail to realize is that there are always opportunities and ways of improving yourself at any stage of life.
      Personal development includes activities that improve your awareness and identity, develop talent and potential, and enhance employability and overall quality of life. You must take an active role in figuring out what needs to change or what needs to be improved in your life. Whether it be developing new skills, staying or becoming physically fit, or simply expanding your knowledge, personal growth is an ongoing process of self-discovery and is crucial to achieving success in every area of your life.
      Here are some great resources and suggestions that you can use to start on your path to personal growth and development.
      Visit Inspirational Sites
      Whether you are trying to pick up a new skill or simply absorb whatever information you can, there’s bound to be a website to help you along the way. For those interested in an outstanding collection of business-related informational videos, there’s Lynda is an online learning company that helps anyone learn software, design, and business skills. A monthly or yearly membership will give you unlimited access to an incredibly extensive library of high-quality engaging tutorials on topics ranging from business and marketing to music and photography.
      Given the time and patience, you can use to learn almost any software, design, or business skills your heart desires (there are over 300 tutorials on Photoshop alone!). You can use your newfound knowledge in the workplace to become a more valuable employee, or you may simply choose to take up new hobby that you’ve always wanted to try. The choice is yours.
      If your goal is simply to absorb knowledge to seek a deeper understanding of the world, then check out TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to spreading ideas, which are usually presented in the form of short, powerful talks (TED talks). Though TED originated as a conference based on technology, entertainment and design, today’s talks cover all topics from science to business to global issues. Each talk is given by remarkable individuals who are among the world’s most inspired thinkers. While there are over 1700 talks available for viewing on the web, you can apply to attend their live talks, which are given in conferences all over the world.
      Attend Conferences and Events
      Here at Legal Productivity and Rocket Matter®, we encourage our employees to attend conferences that will enhance their skills in the workplace. As a company, we are constantly growing, so we expect the same of our employees.
      Learning and developing new skills are the most obvious motivations for most people wanting to attend conferences. Whether it be for a few hours or a few days, high-quality conferences and events can lead to significant growth on both a personal and professional level. You can hear from experts about key issues and trends in a particular subject, identify relevant resources, and learn about other interest-based opportunities.
      If you don’t have a specific conference in mind, or you’d like to get a feel for what is available, use a site like to search by category, venue, or location. In addition to attending conferences that emphasize marketable skills, there are also conferences and retreats that emphasize spiritual and personal growth (think Tony Robbins). Sometimes, all we need is a little motivation to spark something significant.
      Conferences may also offer you the opportunity to travel to new and exciting locations, which may inspire you through a change of scenery, culture, and thought. Attending these events will also give you the ability to network and initiate relationships with others in your particular area of interest. And who knows, you might even have some fun!
      Tomorrow’s part 2 will cover the benefits of physical activity and meditation.

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