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    Important Message to Users of the Rocket Matter Android Time and Billing App for Lawyers


      Today we released an upgrade to our Android app, which includes a number of critical bug fixes and the ability to work offline.
      If you find yourself without Internet access, as is the case with many courtrooms and travel situations, you can still look up contacts, calendar events, and add billable time to your matters.

      Once you reconnect online, all data on the Rocket Matter Android app is synched with the core web system. The Android app and our legal billing iPhone app are now in synch feature-wise, and both will continue to be upgraded simultaneously in the future.
      IMPORTANT NOTE: We had to re-release due to technical reasons during the submission process (we also wanted to get the app into the Amazon distribution channel).
      We apologize, but you will need to re-download the app, not upgrade it. The old app is officially dead. This has a couple of implications:
      1) Any product reviews you created will need to be recreated for the new app. If you took the time to give us feedback, good or bad, please don’t hesitate to add your comments to our new app listing page.
      2) We created a new icon for the app so you could distinguish the old app from the new one. Once you have the new app installed, go ahead and delete the old one.

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