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    In Memory of Finis Price


      The legal technology community lost a great friend and leading thinker last week. Finis Price passed away in his home town of Louisville, KY.

      Litigators: if you didn’t come up against Finis in a courtroom, consider yourself lucky. He had such a mastery of presentation via technology, notably the iPad, that lucrative judgements rained down on his side. I had the honor of watching one of Finis’ iPad CLE’s last week, the day he died. It was like watching David Copperfield: he was able to perform elegant magic with that tablet, moving from app to app.

      Finis played many roles – he was a loving husband, a lawyer, a trial presentation consultant, a member of his local community, a technology consultant, and to many of us, a great friend. Finis’ enthusiasm about life was infectious. His interests ran many and deep. I often told people he knew more things about more things than anyone else I’ve ever met. He was constantly in the moment. His laugh, humor, and passion were infectious. His eyes would get big, almost like a kid, when he would talk about things that interested him. Every moment I spent with him was totally engaging and positive. Finis was one of those guys that made you feel more alive and alert.

      One of the things we used to speak about often were books. We would ring each other up and talk about what we loved and what we couldn’t stand. Finis was currently in the middle of a Philip K. Dick marathon, the author who wrote the stories behind Blade Runner, Total Recall, and other sci-fi mind trips. The last book he ever recommended to me was A Scanner Darkly, if you’re interested, explaining that it was probably the best introduction to PKD’s work.

      The loss of Finis is sad for so many different reasons. Professionally, he just seemed to be on the crest of the wave. He had been traveling all over the country talking about using iPads in trial and in depositions. He was so advanced and creative in this regard that I wonder if the field wasn’t set back a couple of years by his passing. He had the perfect combination of computer savvy (he was a system administrator in college), trial lawyer experience, and A/V wizardry needed to pioneer and innovate.

      More importantly, Finis was a great human being and a wonderful friend. He was a man of great faith with a heart full of love. His intelligence was staggering, and the way he experienced life is something I strive for: he was in the moment, he was present for all of his experiences, and he loved to laugh.

      Because Finis and his wife, Heather, poured all their resources into their business, TechnoEsq, he left little in the way of savings. The Kentucky Justice Association has set up a restricted fund to accept donations, and all proceeds will go to his wife. If you would like to contribute, please send your contributions (be sure to note “Finis Price” in the memo line) to Kentucky Justice Association, 10602 Timberwood Cir # 8, Louisville, KY 40223-5367.

      Finis, you will be missed, and the mark you made will be remembered by all of us.

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