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    In Response to Charlottesville


      in response to charlottesville

      We at Rocket Matter are here to help lawyers stay out of trouble and make more money, not to opine on national politics.
      However, as the CEO of this company, I believe the recent events in Charlottesville to be historically significant enough to merit a reaction.  When white supremacists and neo-Nazi’s march in the street, it’s time for the rest of us to speak up—especially considering the lack of conviction coming out of Washington to denounce these groups.  What happened is a wound that, when it eventually does heal, will leave a nasty scar.
      We at Rocket Matter join the vast majority of Americans in completely rejecting any kind of bigotry or hate-speech.  To be honest, it’s a little hard to believe we even have to express such a notion.  Isn’t this like saying we breathe oxygen?  Isn’t it completely obvious that we would stand against hatred and fascism?
      Does it go without saying that fascists and those that oppose them are not morally equivalent?
      Apparently not. There are people who equate those who want to divide us to those who desire to unite us. When our leaders don’t heal and inspire, it’s up to us to look to each other.
      We at Rocket Matter pledge to play our part.  We are active supporters of the Anti-Defamation League and had the good fortune to have their CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt, speak at our headquarters.  I attended their National Leadership Summit in May, and I highly recommend the experience. We will continue to draw inspiration from this amazing organization, stay involved with it, and highlight its contributions.
      We are blessed that the profession we serve is often on the front lines of justice. Our Freedom Fighter series profiles lawyers who are fighting the good fight for social justice.  When the news paints a picture of fraying social fabric, it is important to know about Beth Halpern and her work taking on illegal child marriage ,the ADL’s own Michael Lieberman and his success with hate crime legislation, and the other amazing attorneys making our world better.
      In the same light, it’s no surprise that two major players fighting for justice regarding the events in Charlottesville were lawyers. Heather Heyer, who perished demonstrating against white supremacists, was a paralegal that spent her free time fighting injustice.  Kenneth Frazier, the first CEO to step down from the American Manufacturing Council because of the President’s words, is a graduate of Harvard Law School.
      As we’ve said many times in this blog, we are grateful that so many lawyers are fighting for what’s right. We stand with them, now and always.

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