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    3 Tips for Integrating Online and Offline Marketing


      If you’re trying to sell a product or service and feel that you should keep your print, web, and social marketing separate, you’re in for a rude awakening. It’s important to develop and coordinate your branding across both online and offline platforms. After all, the important thing is what the customer perceives, and what customers need to see is brand consistency.
      Recent research from a YouGov poll shows customers’ attention spans are waning. On average, they will spend 30 seconds or less absorbing digital content. So how does a company pick up the slack? You must reach customers accross a variety of channels.
      Believe it or not, your print, social, web, and mobile campaigns all influence each other. Here are three ways that you can create a seamless presence accross all channels and build a following using both online and offline marketing.
      It’s important to drive your offline prospects to online channels and vice versa. For example, twitter hashtags can be integrated in television or print ads to direct your audience to an online program. Social media often spark offline purchases as well as online sales. Using these channels can also boost attendance at trade shows and other offline events.
      Social Media can also be used as a way for companies to connect with those that have attended certain events. You can monitor attendee reactions, respond to questions and concerns, and post additional information all while building customer relationships.
      Don’t Forget Snail Mail
      Most people have computers and smartphones, but they still check their mail. If you market using tradition mail, you’re in the minority, giving you a sort of captive audience. There are, however, some pitfalls to avoid if you decide to use traditional mail marketing.
      Make sure that your marketing doesn’t get thrown away in the “junk mail” pile. We tend to toss envelopes that have pre-paid postage or printed labels because we automatically assume that they are bulk mail junk. Avoid this by hand-addressing your envelopes (or making them look hand written). Make it look like a letter from Grandma and your customers will be more likely to open it.
      You can also pique curiosity by including a “grabber” in your envelope that makes it lumpy. It could be something fun and kitschy or something directly related to your business. The point is, an oddly shaped object in an envelope will most certainly guarantee it will get opened.
      Know Your Target Audience
      Researching your audience can have a big impact on your online and offline marketing efforts. Use real time search data from sites like Google Adwords to identify popular words and trends. You can also use search engine geo-specific search volume data to identify regional search trends.
      You can then use these insights to drive offline marketing efforts so that you are promoting products and services that people actually want and need. As a consumer, you are more likely to look at a flyer or print ad when it’s advertising exactly what you’re looking for.
      In the end, integrating online and offline marketing efforts will result in a clear, consistent message to your consumer base. Good luck!

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