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    Introducing the Legal Productivity Blog


      Well, we’ve had a good run talking about legal practice management and productivity here on the Rocket Matter blog. But the times, they are a-changin’.

      In an effort to more clearly articulate our ideas and vision on legal productivity techniques, we’ve created a dedicated blog, Legal Productivity, so that any Rocket Matter product and company announcements we make on this blog won’t dilute the content.

      Instead, the current blog you’re looking at,, will carry all things related to our flagship legal practice management and time tracking software (or legal productivity software, as we like to call it).

      As we state on our new About page:

      We’re witnessing tectonic shifts in legal services.

      The way we see it, what better time to have a conversation about new and exciting ideas on how to effectively run a law firm!

      Legal Productivity’s mission: to provide creative and useful insights into the business of law and have fun doing so. We wish to help people navigate the truth and the myths when it comes to alternative fee engagements, social media, and other current topics which suffer from an abundance of quackery, herd mentality, and misconceptions.

      We hope you join our conversation!

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