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    Introducting CRE – Continuing Rocket Education


      Starting next week, Rocket Matter users will enjoy free training called CRE, or Continuous Rocket Education. Our first subject will cover Rocket Matter’s billing functionality, including batch billing, invoice printing, ledger usage, and data export for use with Quickbooks, Peachtree, or other accounting software.

      Training is a fundamental part of a firm’s adoption of legal practice management software. recently featured an article, “Coming to Terms With Case Management”, stating:

      “..the annual American Bar Association technology survey consistently shows that only 53 percent of their respondents actually have purchased a CMS (case management system) — and only 36 percent report actually using it.”

      If you’re considering a traditional practice management software package, which you install locally in your office, prepare to spend hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars to encourage usage of the new software by your staff.

      Or, when you sign up for Rocket Matter, feel free to attend our weekly webinars where we will be covering various aspects of our product – included in your monthly fee, with no need to pay extra.

      Of course, Rocket Matter is so simple and intuitive to use, no one may show up for training!

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