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    iPad App: Encryption Makes Insight Notes Ideal for Lawyers


      Insight Notes, a note taking iPad app for health professionals offers the kind of security that makes it ideal for lawyers.
      Here’s how Adam Alban and his law firm use the app:
      Insight Notes is an iPad app designed for secure and encrypted note taking. It organizes files on a per-client basis, and then by date within those records. It was designed for healthcare professionals, but the features work well for lawyers, too. You can type, draw, or use the iPad camera to “scan” a page of notes. It doesn’t require an internet connection to function. The results are professional and a nice letterhead is included. It’s very fast.

      Another time-saver, which is very nice, is that the app allows you to create note templates, which are essentially pre-loaded notes. This is helpful if you tend to write the same type of note repeatedly. You can simply select the template and the preloaded text appears.
      The app comes with an optional subscription for a backup service, which is helpful but not necessary if you only want to print to an AirPrint printer.
      I use the subscription because it lets me securely transfer notes in batches, and when the zip file arrives, the notes are pre-organized and in PDF format. Most note taking apps let you email notes on a per-note basis or let you share notebooks (such as in the case of the always-great Evernote) with other users of the same app. But Insight Notes lets me send a batch of notes anywhere and to anyone who has an email account and an internet connection.
      When I’m on the road I often securely send the notes I’ve taken back to my office, which then get uploaded to our shared drive (and often into Rocket Matter). My staff likes it because the zip file is pre-organized and they don’t have to try to decipher which note is for which client.
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