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    iPad Fever: Apps and Resources for Attorneys


      iPad mania has certainly hit the legal vertical. If you missed last week’s webinar by Finis Price of TechnoEsq on iPads for Lawyers, you missed the best information available on the subject on the planet.

      But fear not, we have some resources for you. In the coming days we’ll put a podcast up with some of the presentation freely available and then you’ll be able to get the whole show on Rocket Academy.

      * A PDF list of all apps mentioned in the webinar..
      * The MILO (Macs in Law Offices) listserv Finis mentioned where much iPad talk can be found is available here.
      * Styluses mentioned include Alupen, Boxwave, Elago, Targus, and someone also suggested using AAA and AA batteries.
      * We have 10 free promotion codes for the iPad calendar rules program Court Days Pro. You need to be a fan of our Facebook page to be in the running for this awesome giveaway.

      Also, the new site (form whom I wrote a recent article on mind mapping) Attorney At Work is featuring a series by legal tech maven Tom Mighell called The iPad for Lawyers: End of the PC?

      This morning, Monica Bay at Law Technology news penned her column about iPad fever hitting legal. Among other developments, she writes:

      The iPad is making its way into law firms, positioning itself in court, and getting our attention. Freelance writer Alan Cohen observed that lawyers are demanding their firms to use consumer technology like the iPad, especially if it makes them more productive. Sean Doherty, LTN’s technology editor, found that the Worldox iPad app is a neat mobile tool to access the Worldox GX2 document management system away from the office. And trial presentation consultant Ted Brooks saw some nice features in iPad apps for presenting exhibits in court, but he warns readers that “any attempt to use these apps beyond their capability will likely result in some form of disaster.”

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