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    7 Useful iPhone Tips You Probably Didn’t Know About


      The iPhone is a great little computer in the palm of your hand but there’s a bunch of hidden tricks that make it an even more productive tool. Here are seven tips:

      1. Get a quick 3-day overview of your schedule by rotating the calendar app horizontally – to landscape mode. You can then swipe sideways to access prior or future days. (See image above.)

      2. Shake your iPhone to quickly undo an email or text message that you just typed. If you mistakenly deleted text, shake again to redo and the text will magically reappear.

      3. Rotate the calculator app horizontally – to landscape mode – for a more complex scientific calculator.

      4. Add extensions to your contacts. This comes in handy when dialing work related numbers with extensions. When entering a new contact or editing a current number, press the “+*#” key in the lower left corner of the keypad. Press “pause” and a comma will be inserted. Enter the extension. If you want a longer pause, click “pause” again and another comma will be inserted.

      5. Hold down letter for accent mark. To get mañana instead of manana, hold down the letter “n” and a menu will appear with choice of accents.

      6. When your phone is locked, slide the camera icon located in the lower right on your screen upward to quickly take pics.


      7. Set flash alerts instead of sound or vibrate for incoming calls and notifications. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility, scroll down to “LED Flash for Alerts” and turn the slider to “on”.

      Bonus: Take a screen capture by simultaneously pressing the home button in the lower middle of your phone and the on/off button. OK, most of us know about this useful iPhone tip.

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