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    It’s Friday! Do Your Weekly Review


      The GTD Weekly Review is a calendared hour or two you set aside for yourself to organize your life once a week. You close all “open loops”, in other words, you capture everything tugging at your consciousness and put ’em into calendar events, to-do items, or just plain do them.

      Friday is a great day to do your weekly review. Business slows towards the end of the day, allowing you time to go through your emails, calendar, tasks, and awaiting filing items.

      More importantly, closing all of your “open loops” (the maddening psychic noise of pending activities) allows you to relax and enjoy the weekend so you can enter the next week recharged and organized.

      Try it today! I recommend combining the weekly review with the Pomodoro Technique. Hopefully, within one or two 25 minute periods you can get your life organized and do yourself, your friends, and your family a favor and chill out this weekend.

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