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    It's Puppy Versus Machine at ABA TECHSHOW: Roundup of the Best Swag


      Sure, we all come to ABA TECHSHOW to learn and network, but one of the most fun parts can be collecting all the cool swag that’s available. The ABA Journal has already announced their best swag of 2017, and we have to agree with their #1 pick:  You just can’t top those freakishly adorable puppies at the How to Manage a Small Law Firm booth. OK, so puppies are not actually swag, but they were up for adoption. Happily, all four puppies have found new homes.

      However, even if you’re not going home with a puppy, there was plenty of other great swag at the show.
      Here’s a roundup of what we think are some of the best swag options at ABA TECHSHOW:
      Rocket Matter Robots. OK, no bias here, but these Rocket Matter dancing robots are crazy cool and an ideal gift to bring home to the kids. These robots were so popular, in fact, that Rocket Matter actually ran out of them and Bob Ambrogi tweeted about it. But never fear: If you want a robot, just message Rocket Matter on Facebook. They’ll make sure you get one.
      InMailX  Koalas. This Australian company’s koalas are so cute (ok, not live puppy cute, but still cute.) You can attach them to your shoulder strap or whatever you’d like. Trust me, the kids will LOVE them.
      Uniregistry Clip Lens. These fisheye lenses for smartphones are super neat. They let you create a fish eye, macro, or wide angle view of your pix. Definitely cool swag.
      ABA Journal Luggage Tags. The ABA Journal takes your business card and turns it into a luggage tag. You can choose from four magazine covers for the design. So if you have to buy a new suitcase to bring home all the swag you get at TECHSHOW, you’ll already have a luggage tag for it!
      Ruby Receptionists Cellphone Stands. Along with a bunch of pens and note pads, Ruby is giving out earbuds in a case that you can use as a cellphone stand. Trust me, this is super-helpful:  I flew United to get to Chicago, and while the airline lets you watch dozens of movies and TV shows, it was a pain trying to prop up my phone so I didn’t have to hold it on my flight.  Now I won’t have to use a stack of magazines or a water bottle as my prop on my flight home. Thanks Ruby!
      180 Fusion Swag Bonanza. This company probably wins for the most fun swag options: Pretty Google water bottles, pens, flash drives, notebooks, pens with Post-it flags built in, and more. They even provide a bag to take home all the swag.
      Other really practical swag: Some swag is fun, while other swag is really practical. Conference attendees seem to appreciate both. For instance, one company gave out screen wipes while another gave out mini-laptop cleaners. And, of course, mints are always helpful.
      And, while it wasn’t swag at the show, a final shout out to the guys at Palmer Kucera LLP:  The fleece hats you gave us came in really handy at the Rocket Matter/Ruby 5K this morning. Thank you.

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