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    Kim Beyrent, Our First Employee, Hits Five Year Mark


      No sooner were we out of the gates five years ago than we picked up our first employee at Rocket Matter, Kim Beyrent.  Today we’re celebrating her fifth anniverary of employment, or Cinco de Kimmo.
      Lemme give some advice to anyone starting a business: find someone like Kim.  She’s made all the difference to our staff and customers at Rocket Matter.
      Kim’s been with us since day one, and her adaptive style has allowed her to be a jane-of-all-trades when there were just a few of us running things at Rocket Matter.  Now she’s running our product specialist department, in charge of our support team, onboarding specialists, and productivity partners.  As our business has grown quickly, she’s adapted, kept the lights on, and always been a pleasure to work with.
      Her awesome personality is a fundamental factor in how great our customer support department is.  She is a fantastic listener and is able to soothe the most frustrated of technology-challenged people.  Her smarts have allowed her to take on all sorts of new initiatives and invent new and clever ways to use Rocket Matter to solve attorney problems.
      She’s logged thousands of miles on the road, helped us install phone systems, painted walls, helped select our corporate offices, and even changed a flat tire with a tornado approaching on our way to a Missouri trade show.
      Anyone who’s met us or worked with us knows Kim and loves her.  I don’t know what we’d do with out her.

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