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    Law Firm Advertising: Remarketing Campaigns


      If you’re like many attorneys, you have an attractive website that portrays your firm in a professional manner and outlines all of your areas of expertise. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance your competition has the same and the vast majority of your prospective law firm clients will actually visit 3 to 5 of those sites, over a period of weeks, before making their decision to reach out. You can keep your firm on the minds of your website visitors with remarketing campaigns.

      Remarketing, otherwise known as retargeting, is a form of highly intelligent digital advertising that will keep track of prospective clients who’ve visited your website and serve them targeted digital ads for the legal services you provide, over a designated period of time.

      Remarketing ads can be served from a variety of platforms, including the most prominent one, the Google Display Network. Here are some of the benefits of a properly designed remarketing campaign:

      Build Brand Recall

      Remarketing ads can be a powerful way to remind prospective clients about your firm. The ongoing reminder keeps your brand on their mind as they surf the web after visiting your site. Over time, this exposure is cumulative and helps drive return visits and another chance at converting them.

      Serve Them What They’re Actually Interested In

      During that critical period after prospects have visited your site, they will likely be served hundreds of different ads for products and services that have nothing to do with what they’re interested in currently. You know, however, that they’re interested in legal services, so serve them your ad when it counts and personalize it.

      According to a 2015 article on LinkedIn Pulse, personalization of web content is a major factor for success and can boost conversions substantially. A properly designed remarketing campaign will allow you to tailor the ads you serve, and their corresponding landing pages, to the behavior of the prospective client while they were on your website and which pages they actually viewed.

      Higher Conversion Rates

      Remarketing campaigns often produce a higher ROI than generally targeted or non-targeted display advertising. The people you are now targeting have already visited your site and are therefore more likely than a general internet user to convert to a consultation or phone call.

      Higher conversion rates lead to lower overall advertising costs. In addition to higher conversion rates, studies have also shown that remarketing ads are clicked with up to 400% greater frequency than general ads.

      Remind Your Existing and Past Clients

      Remarketing can also be effective for keeping your firm on the minds of your current and past clients who visit. Perhaps a client from a recent divorce case now needs assistance with a traffic violation or in filing for bankruptcy. If you handle these areas, your firm should be front and center on their minds. Targeted ads can help remind them.

      Perhaps they know someone else who needs help with a similar issue. Seeing your ad may remind them or help compel them to refer an acquaintance or relative.

      In short, remarketing ads are a great way to keep your website visitors engaged and to keep your brand on their minds. With an overwhelming variety of choices, consumers are driven by the brands that have the best recall and the highest visibility.

      In addition to typically offering a lower cost per conversion and higher ROI, remarketing campaigns can help give you a second or third chance at bringing in that new client, without having to rely on sheer luck for another visit.

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