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    Customer Service Excellence: A Differentiator for Law Firms


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      Customer service may not be the first thing that comes to mind as an attorney but your firm’s commitment to providing the best possible service can be a key factor in retaining clients and growing the firm. In fact, with increased competition, transparency, and clients’ unprecedented access to information, customer service excellence has become a differentiator.

      Your first contact with a client is very important and more than likely will determine whether the client stays or goes elsewhere. Showing an interest in their emotional state and establishing a connection can go a long way in building trust and nurturing relationships. However, these efforts are the just the basics of customer service. To go beyond that for a truly excellent experience for your clients, try some innovative approaches.

      As a software company serving the needs of lawyers and law firms, Rocket Matter, the sponsor of this blog, recently won a Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year award. The honor was bestowed on a team of dedicated, talented individuals, recognized for the support, professionalism, and kindness they consistently deliver.

      But that’s not all. Many technology companies and law firms already have this in place. It’s the innovative approaches that go beyond this basic level of service that differentiates the company.. Like the “Project Lily” system the team implemented that involves additional data analysis, engineering processes, and proactive solutions. Or, the Agile method of daily Stand-Up meetings with the entire support team and at least one software engineer to discuss and share urgent issues and provide answers. These are the types of above-and-beyond processes law firms need to implement to take their customer service to the next level.

      Customer service involves everyone at the firm, from the person that handles the first call to paralegals that assist on the case. Clients want to feel like they can trust their legal counsel and that extends to the entire firm. If your clients don’t trust you, the relationship will be strained or end.

      Always be mindful of the feelings as well as the needs of your clients and the results will be reflected in loyalty and the growth of your firm.

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