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    3 E-Books to Help You Better Manage and Grow Your Firm


      We’ve identified three of the top downloads from our catalog of free E-Books to help you better manage and grow you firm. Enjoy!

      Law Firm Growth Manual: Better Billing Practices

      This manual covers better billing practices. It identifies problems caused by bad billing practices and offers practical advice on how to get your bills out on time and get paid. The book contains 14 chapters, each with a nugget of wisdom resulting in 14 rules to guide your billing and invoicing practices. It puts forth the simple proposition that when your billing is under control, when cash is arriving at a more regular and predictable pace, it can not only result in a more enjoyable and lucrative practice, but a practice that has the time and resources to grow.

      The Paperless Law Office

      This E-Book provides a roadmap for one of the most important transitions your firm will undertake. It examines essential systems, tools, and digital workflows for everyone at the firm to operate quickly and effectively in a paperless environment. It explains how to organize, archive and access your important documents and case files digitally, leveraging both the cloud and the power and convenience of your computer and mobile devices. It chronicles one firm’s journey to a paperless office and provides a template for paperless office protocols and file naming conventions.

      Law Firm Analytics: A Guide to Running a Better Business

      An ongoing challenge faced by law firms is how to be a fierce client advocate and a great business operator at the same time. Law firms can solve this problem by gathering and analyzing data and acting accordingly.

      This practical guide identifies vital numbers law firms should be looking at to determine their health and to identify areas for improvement. It identifies six “Advanced Analytics” reports for small and mid-size firms. The reports were designed to help law firms gain a thorough understanding of their business in order to accelerate revenues and boost profits.

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