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    5 Big Internet Marketing Challenges For Law Firms


      law firm marketingWith all the conflicting advice out there about how to market your practice on the web, it’s no surprise that many firms are feeling overwhelmed and confused. Start by focusing on overcoming the following bottleneck challenges on your way to better visibility.

      1. Poor Website Performance. This is a tough one. Website performance is often subjective in the minds of partners and managing attorneys. Perhaps you feel that the ability of the site to project your expertise is most important. Maybe it’s the overall appearance or how much traffic you get to the site that you focus on. The truth is, all these things matter. But, when it comes to poor quality and performance, it’s really more objective than you might realize. Basically, to have a successful website for your law firm, it needs to be optimized properly for both SEO/Traffic and Lead Conversion.

      2. Incongruent Branding. Your firm is all over the web after many years of listings, websites and social media experiments. Great. But what about brand congruency? Are people seeing the same thing every time they see you online? If not, you could be hurting your overall image, as well as your chances of drawing in quality leads from the web. Do people see the same branding and professionalism on your Facebook page or your Twitter profile that they see on your website? Potential clients will look for you in multiple places. They should be seeing the same branding & message.

      3. Generating Quality Content That Matters. Generating quality, compelling content is not easy. It gets less complicated, however, when you have a focused content strategy that includes a foundation of your firm’s core principles and values mixed with practical, accurate and concise information that your prospective clients identify with. Scenario-based content writing is a good place to start. Put yourself in your client’s shoes and give them some sage advice in every post, article or whitepaper. Make sure that the perspective is the client’s and the expertise projected is your firm’s.

      4. Generating New Leads. This challenge is actually a dual one. The most successful firms generate and nurture new leads effectively, which ensures that new clients keep coming through the door at a reasonable rate. Generating leads properly is complicated and requires the orchestration of a site optimized for lead conversion, married to a steady stream of targeted web traffic from paid and organic sources. HINT: In order to maximize the performance of your traffic, it is crucial that your site has one main, clear call to action that compels your viewers to engage with your firm.

      5. Measurement. Of course, without diligent measurement, it’s not possible to construct a winning plan for overcoming these internet marketing challenges. How many visitors came to your site today? Where did they come from? How many converted into leads? Ideally, your firm should be employing a robust analytics tool like Google Analytics or GoSquared. These will help to provide ongoing feedback on website traffic, engagement and throughput (conversion) patterns. This data should live, ideally, in a detailed dashboard that allows for tracking and comparison over time.

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