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    Attract New Clients With Facebook Ads


      Lawyers, like other small businesses, have been known to waste a great deal of marketing dollars on mass advertising venues like yellow pages, billboards and bus signs. This generates initial awareness of the firm, but is often next to impossible to measure and often results in a disappointing effort.

      With almost 1.5 billion users worldwide, Facebook is a far reaching platform. While there is no magic bullet when it comes to law firm marketing, certainly a well designed pay-per-click campaign on the right platform can come close at times. Facebook can be one of those platforms for your firm.

      Your Potential Clients are on Facebook

      Your friends, colleagues and family are all using it. Guess what? So are most of your potential new clients. Not only do Facebook ads help augment your organic social media presence, but they offer your firm to distinctly amplify specific promotions & events and help to generate direct awareness by appearing in strategic locations when your potential clients are on.

      With Facebook ads, you can decide exactly how you want to reach them. You can pay by ad impressions, clicks, or even unique reach (which ensures that a greater number of folks see your ad once per day).

      Facebook Allows Impressive Demographic Targeting

      With Facebook ads, you can really dial in your audience with surprising precision. Suppose you’re a high-end divorce attorney in Orange County, California. By adjusting your local audience, you can set your age group, dial in education level and even estimated net worth. You can potentially drill down even further by selecting interests such as family & relationships.

      Target Your User By Device

      Targeting by device can be a powerful way of further narrowing your audience. Imagine being able to serve your ads on dedicated mobile campaigns, with the ability to narrow down to Android or iOS devices specifically. Your clients can get onto your website quickly and, in many cases can make that all important first call simply by tapping the screen. Mobile can be a powerful way to attract new clients, especially during business hours.

      Conversely, what if the majority of your clients connect with your office from their desktop device and typically submit a contact form on your website? You can appear in both their newsfeed and on the right side of the page, to maximize exposure.

      How It Works

      Setting up your Facebook ads account couldn’t be easier. All you need is your firm’s credit card. Designing campaigns, targeting and refining them, and expanding them takes some domain knowledge. Before you get started experimenting with ads, the most important fundamental question to ask is who are my customers? You should know where they come from. What common interests they may have. Their typical age group(s). Everything you know about your current customers will help lead you to new ones on Facebook.

      Because you can easily measure conversions both through the Facebook platform and during the intake procedure, ROI becomes simple to calculate. Because Facebook offers a self serve environment, getting started is easy as well, although you may want to consult an expert if you plan on testing a substantial amount of money.

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