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    Turbocharge Your Firm’s Social Media Presence With Twitter Ads


      law firm marketing - twitter ads
      Law firms have been using Twitter to network and interact on the web for many years. The platform offers some unique benefits and engages consumers in an environment of interests, trends and news related to and put out by the user’s own following. This ability to customize your own Twitter feed gives law firms an ideal way to target potential clients, and if done properly, can help promote and legitimize the firm in awareness and thought leadership capacities. With Twitter Ads, you can promote both your account or your individual tweets.

      Expand and Measure Your Reach

      With over 316 million monthly active users, Twitter offers the ability to reach potential clients in almost every area of the country. Twitter Ads offer several different styles of promotion that can potentially help generate awareness and interest in your firm. For instance, you can set your campaign goal to attract more followers, gain clicks to your website or landing page, engage with your firm or your message online, or share your video content optimized for viewership.

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      This customizability gives your firm many possibilities for targeting potential clients online. The platform also gives you impressive analytics capabilities to help measure your impressions, engagements, clicks, and costs. Using a simple javascript code, advertisers are also able to accurately measure lead output when someone submits a consultation form or downloads some of your content online.

      Target The Right Audience

      Like any form of law firm marketing, the key is to reach the right audience with your message and this is one area where Twitter ads can really shine. Your firm may use Twitter organically already. Perhaps your firm retweets relevant content or shares important news. Imagine being able to expand the reach of that good content exponentially.

      Dial in your ads by focusing at the national, state, city, or even zip code level. Target users by age or by specific interest, such as Family & Parenting or Personal Finance. Plan on going after high net worth individuals? The Behaviors section enables you to target Corporate Executives. You can also focus your ads on specific keywords or to those following certain trends like hashtags.

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      Total Control Of Your Spend

      A critical aspect of Twitter Ads is the ability to control your spend and budget. You can easily update your budget at any time and manage your campaign limits by the day or by total budget, which pauses the campaign when you reach a specified dollar amount. In addition to budget, you can target users on specific devices or in whatever language you choose.

      The Bottom Line

      When it comes down to the nitty gritty, Twitter Ads are a powerful extension of your organic efforts on the platform that allows you to dramatically expand your reach. It is best thought of as a tool to primarily build awareness and interest in your firm among targeted populations. Utilizing Twitter Ads properly can help you better establish your firm as a thought leader in your practice areas.

      If used properly, it can also help improve your visibility with other attorneys who may become potential referral sources down the line. Like any other form of advertising, it’s best to start slowly with Twitter Ads and gradually ramp up the number of campaigns and your spend as you prove out discernible ROI over time.

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