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    Get Paid Faster: Four Convenient Legal Payment Plan Options


      Part of providing a superior customer service experience is offering convenient payment options to your clients. You also get paid faster. Win-win. Here are four convenient legal payment plans besides paying by check that law firms can offer clients.

      LawPay* - LawPay* is a complete end-to-end credit card processing program built for law firms to handle the unique requirements of an attorney-client transaction. Whether it's for earned fees, retainers, or advanced payments, LawPay* accepts payments from all major credit cards delivered to your bank account or trust account. Unearned fees are separated into your IOLTA account, while earned fees deposit to your operating account. Firms can collect payments in the office, through their website, and on mobile devices.

      QuickBooks Payments - If your firm already uses QuickBooks legal accounting software, you can add Quickbooks Payments to your subscription. You can email invoices right from QuickBooks account letting customers pay you instantly online or from their mobile device. QuickBooks Payments accepts all major credit cards and bank transfers and updates your firm account automatically when your invoice is paid.

      Rocket Matter Payments - Secured by a deep relationship with payment processor TouchSuite™ which offers the most competitive rates and a very simple onboarding process, Rocket Matter Payments is a fully integrated payment processing system with Rocket Matter legal practice management software that helps simplify and automate the process of invoicing your clients and getting paid. With the click of a mouse, Rocket Matter Payments will generate an invoice, send it to your client via email, and include a link to a private payment page. Your clients can pay their invoices quickly, easily, and securely, by credit card and directly through their bank.

      Payments are automatically recorded in Rocket Matter ledger and can be applied to either trust or operating accounts and you’ll be able to confirm that your client has received and opened their invoice. If you use Quickbooks Online with your Rocket Matter account, payments are seamlessly integrated.

      PayPal - If your clients have made payments online they've probably used the popular PayPal which allows clients of pay right on your website using their debit or credit card or PayPal account. In addition to accepting payments you can send customizable online invoices to clients.

      Each of these payment plans charge a fee per transaction and/or monthly fees, so shop around. If you’re already collecting credit cards, Rocket Matter Payments will match or beat your current fees.

      *Integration fees may apply.

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