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    3 New Law Firm Videos on Cybersecurity, Freelance Attorneys and Kanban Boards


      Rocket Academy provides online educational videos for lawyers, taught by industry leaders who discuss law practice management, marketing, productivity, and technology tools, tips, and strategies, to help law firms become more efficient, adapt, and grow. Here are three new videos that were added to the collection.

      Cybersecurity: How to Protect Your Law Firm Data

      Learn insights and tips on how to better understand the data security environment from a lawyers’ perspective and how you can best communicate to clients the need for secure information governance. You’ll be prepared to answer the following questions that are being asked by corporate counsel and other prospective clients:

      • Is your firm positioned to handle my data securely?
      • What are your firm’s protocols?

      How to Use Freelance Attorneys to Grow Your Practice

      Legal service outsourcing is increasing by firms of all sizes.

      One of the biggest expenses in law firms is payroll. But firms have other options including outsourcing work to freelance attorneys who provide contract-based legal services–from litigation-related legal services to transactional services–to help firms and solo attorneys stay nimble and lean.

      Learn how to use freelance attorneys to manage your overflow work, handle special projects, and shore up support during peak periods. Learn about ethical considerations, fees, and much more!

      Using Kanban to Become a More Agile Attorney

      Every day more attorneys and legal teams are turning to Lean and Agile methodologies to improve their delivery of legal services. This video will introduce you to Kanban, one of the easiest Agile tools to adopt but one of the most powerful for improving project management and driving process improvement. Using little more than a patch of wall and some sticky notes, Kanban will help you gain a deeper understanding of the bottlenecks that constrict your workflow so that you can break them down, leading to more satisfied clients, improved revenue, and better peace of mind for you.

      This presentation covers the basics of Kanban, starting with Personal Kanban (suitable for both sole practitioners and individuals within larger teams) and moving on to team-based systems. You will learn how to build your own Kanban board and start improving your workflows immediately.

      We update Rocket Academy monthly with new videos so stop by and check us out!

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