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    Law Firm Web Applications: Learn Tips, Shortcuts, And How to Use Them


      We software developers have been blessed with an incredible help site called Stack Overflow, written by one of the supreme nerd leaders and preeminent bloggers, the great Joel Spolsky.

      For the SaaSy consumer, the Stack Overflow people created Web Applications Stack Exchange, a terrific public forum for learning the ins and outs of cloud-based tools for law offices. From Joel’s introductory post:

      Want to know how to export mail from Gmail? Or delete your Facebook account? Or send giant files via email?

      Well, the new Web Applications Stack Exchange is for you.

      The cool thing about this forum is that it will be populated by the Stack Overflow crowd, a lot of the same people who are writing the applications you use (like yours truly). It doesn’t get much hipper and deeper, tech-wise, than this group of peeps.

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