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    Rocket Matter Internet Marketing Services Launches New Law Firm Website: Jolley Law Group


      Rocket Matter Internet Marketing Services is proud to display their latest law firm website, Jolley Law Group, a business and litigation firm focused on serving the healthcare and technology industries. This firm prides itself on solving problems and reaching goals rather than simply billing hours.
      The Jolley Law Group is an innovative boutique law firm that delivers a creative approach to practicing law. Their team of accomplished attorneys brings a wide array of skill and experience in areas such as healthcare regulatory law, information technology, corporate law, and intellectual property law. Jolley Law Group offers innovative solutions and savvy counsel for their clients, setting themselves apart from similar firms. They don’t just work cases, they solve problems.

      Logo and Website

      We were excited to work with Jolley Law Group since their practice areas are so vastly different from each of the firms that we have previously worked with. With a focus on healthcare and technology, were were able to push boundaries with our color palette, opting for deep blues with neon green accents. This is reflected in both the logo and on the website.
      Law firm Websites
      Since Jolley Law Group specializes in so many diverse areas of law, we thought it best to create a logo where the firm name was the main focus. This allowed for a very clean and structured design that works well both in full color and black and white.
      The modern design of the logo was carried over into the design of the website. The Jolley Law Group site features structured content interspersed with large areas of white space for easy viewing. Practice area descriptions and client testimonials are featured prominently on the home page to stress the firm’s expansive knowledge and outstanding reputation.

      Jolley Law Firm Website Homepage

      Social Media Design

      The social media art was designed to reflect the modernity of the healthcare and technology industries. A blue, tech themed pattern was used in conjunction with the firm’s tagline. Again, we opted for a more neutral image rather than focusing on just one of the many areas that Jolley Law Group practices. The design was then adapted to fit the custom sizes of each social media channel.

      Jolley Law Group Facebook Cover Art Jolley Law Group Facebook Cover Art

      Mobile Responsive

      The firm’s clients are typically well-versed in mobile technology, so we wanted to make sure they had the same viewing experience regardless if they were using a mobile phone or desktop computer.

      Jolley Law Group Mobile Website Jolley Law Group Mobile Website

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