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    Top 5 Reasons Law Firms Should Use Ruby® Receptionists. You Won’t Believe Number 3!


      why your law firm needs ruby receptionists
      The other day I called one of our client firms. “LAW OFFICE!” the receptionist barked at me when she picked up the phone.  I felt so unwelcome!
      I knew immediately that this law firm was not using Ruby® Receptionists. If they did, I would have been greeted with a much less harsh and more inviting “Thank you for calling so-and-so law’s office.  How can I help you today?”
      Here are five reasons your law firm should sign up for Ruby today:

      Their Receptionists Make People Feel Welcome
      Look, your brand consists of every single interaction that someone has with your law firm.  If you’re greeting them with a cold and imposing “LAW OFFICE!” every time they call in, you’re sending a signal that you’re uninviting, cold, and institutional.
      Ruby staffers are trained to be super nice.  For your monthly fee, you’re not only getting a receptionist service, but you’re also getting polished branding and a welcoming presence.  You’ll sound much more cordial than your competition.

      Ruby Reduces Costs
      Keeping costs down is critical for running a small firm.  The trick is to know where to invest your money.  Does it make sense for a small law office to spend payroll and benefits on someone to answer the phones?  Or can that easily be outsourced?
      Also, if you’re having legal assistants or paralegals answer the phones, odds are they’re just as busy as you are and will not have the knack that Ruby does for speaking warmly to your clients.  Plus, you’re losing out on the opportunity cost of their billable time. In other words, if someone who earns billable time is spending their minutes answering the phone as opposed to legal work, you’re throwing money out the window.

      They Send Awesome Thank-you Gifts
      Ruby, like Rocket Matter, is one of those companies that likes to surprise their customers with cool gifts.  However, to be honest, they take it to the next level.
      Last October, I had a chance to visit their headquarters in Portland, OR, and saw their “wall of gifts” (see below).  They send out t-shirts, mugs, notepads, and other cool stuff to their customers—just because!

      Ruby Integrates with Rocket Matter
      One of the cool things that Ruby does is that it integrates with the best legal practice management software on the planet: Rocket Matter.  When Ruby takes a message, it will automatically appear as a Phone Message in Rocket Matter.
      Additionally, the WAV file of the call recording is pushed over to Rocket Matter as well, so if you want to hear the original call, you don’t have to leave the software you have open.

      They Can Answer the Phone in English or Spanish
      It’s hard to find bilingual help—especially in some locations.  But the ability to take on Spanish-speaking clients opens a lot of doors, and Ruby can provide Spanish-speaking answering services.  It makes sense in this day and age to offer services to as many people as possible and restricting your language to English makes little economic sense.

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