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    ForbesAdvisor - The Best Legal Billing Software Of 2022 review of Rocket Matter: SaaS Case Management for the Small Firm


      Finis R. Price III, practicing attorney and TechnoEsq Presentations Co-Founder, wrote a detailed, thorough, and balanced review of Rocket Matter and of Legal Software as a Service advantages in general.

      Being reviewed by Finis is a real honor:  this guy really knows his stuff when it comes to technology, AV, Mac topics, aside from his legal expertise.  Here are some quotes from the article:

      On the Rocket Matter ease-of-use:

      The graphical interface of Rocket Matter is very reminiscent of the majority of modern Macintosh programs. It is readily apparent that a great deal of time was spent deciding which information will be on the “Dashboard,” the first screen one sees when logging into Rocket Matter.

      On security:

      …As a result, Rocket Matter solves one of the inherent problems with client side case management programs: client data is only as secure as the law firm has made its office…

      On mobile access:

      …Perhaps the most helpful aspect of having a Web-based contact management program is the ability to access data from any computer, phone or device with Internet access…

      There full article, originally published in Legal Tech Newsletter, is available here.

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