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    Lawyers Weigh in on a Day That's All About Them: Love Your Lawyer Day


      Love Your Lawyer Day
      Today, the first Friday in November, is apparently Love Your Lawyer Day. Actually, according to the American Lawyers Public Image Association—the group promoting the day—it’s National, International and Global Love Your Lawyer Day to be more specific. Of course, this celebration caught our attention as Rocket Matter’s clients are lawyers. However, no one needs to tell us that these people deserve some love. As we’ve reported in our Freedom Fighter series, they are the ones on the front lines, fighting for justice around the world.
      We were curious what lawyers actually thought about this day that’s all about them.
      Here’s what they had to say:
      “Since we can be a rather disliked lot, having a day in which we are loved is great for lawyers! They say the only time you care for lawyers is when you need one.  But on this holiday, we can all be loved, regardless if we are needed or not!” —Christopher Early, a personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyer in Boston.
      “I don’t see why ‘Love Your Lawyer Day’ is needed or particularly desirable.  Serving real people is the ‘reward’ in a small consumer practice.” —Donald E. Petersen, a consumer protection attorney in Florida.
      “I would settle for ‘Pay your Lawyer’s Bill Day.'” —Brandon J. Huffman, an attorney in North Carolina focused on representing technology and media clients in business, intellectual property, and other matters.
      “Personally, as a trial lawyer, I am grateful for ‘Love Your Lawyer Day.’ Trial lawyers are constantly fighting.  Whether it’s fighting against insurance companies, big companies, and defense lawyers or fighting for the hearts of judges, jurors, and potential clients—the struggle is real.  It is always nice to be appreciated more than usual by your client who you are zealously advocating for each day.” —Adam T. Funk, a personal injury lawyer in a firm with offices throughout the country.
      “Everyone needs a little love, however, ‘Love your Lawyer Day’ seems a little bit of stretch. However, I think an ‘Appreciate Your Lawyer’s Efforts, Even Though Everything May Not Go Exactly How You Wish Day’ could be appropriate. In certain instances, particularly when you are faced with picking the best of the worst options, this is hard for people to remember.” —Todd A. Spodek, whose practice in New York is split between criminal defense, and family and matrimonial law.
      “I think ‘Love your Lawyer Day’ is a sweet gesture but completely unnecessary. I’m in this field because I want to impact children and their families—but most of the time it is them showing me love. There is absolutely nothing my clients should do to show me there love, as they unknowingly do it every day.” —Danielle Augustin, founding partner at a firm where she provides legal advocacy to children and families throughout California.
      “Attorneys deserve A LOT of love for carrying on the torch of justice! However, my favorite part is when clients bring us food. Always brightens our day!”—Renata Castro, an immigration attorney in South Florida.

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