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    Lawyers Weigh in: The Best Legal Blogs in the Industry


      best legal blogs

      Content today is being consumed online more widely, more quickly, and more voraciously than ever before. In fact, there are hundreds of millions of blogs alone.  So how do you sort through all of them to find the best legal ones around? A good place to start is the ABA Journal Web 100, which features the best blogs in the industry and which Legal Productivity is proud to be a part of.  You can also ask other lawyers…but we’ve already done the work for you.
      Here, lawyers weigh in on their favorite legal blogs (other than Legal Productivity, of course!):
      The TTABlog is one of my favorites, as it provides timely information and commentary on decisions issued by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).  The information has proven very helpful in connection with my own clients’ trademark filings with the Trademark Office. It’s like daily news for trademark practitioners and trademark owners. And it’s free.” – Panagiota Betty Tufariello, founder and CEO of Intellectulaw, a New York firm that handles intellectual property litigation.
      “I enjoy reading Credit Slips because it contains in-depth articles  on areas where finance, bankruptcy, and debtor-creditor law often intersect sometimes in unexpected ways.  As a consumer rights attorney, I usually agree with the author’s perspectives.” —Donald E. Petersen, a consumer protection attorney in Florida.
      “Content is king. It’s no secret that good content is always in demand, especially in the legal niche. There are thousands of legal blogs across the web and I find the most rewarding content come from blogs with a unique and specific focus. The MS-JD Blog is a brand focused on young women in law. They provide engaging content that is helpful to young women who want to practice law.  In terms of bigger blogs with more of an umbrella focus, my favorite is Legal Reader.  They do a great job of creating serious content with a casual feel.” –Jared Staver, founder of Staver Law Group, a personal injury law firm in Chicago.
      My favorite legal blog has to be Robert Ambrogi’s Law Sites. Having spent several years working at the intersection of law and technology, Robert’s site is an unbeatable resource for all things legal technology.” –Marcus Harjani, a lawyer and legal tech expert in California.
      “There are several legal blogs I visit regularly. My number one is actually a newsfeed newsletter–the Association of Corporate Counsel newsletter provides a compilation blogs from leading firms in U.S. and internationally, with ability to edit practice areas. It looks at articles by topics rather than particular firms. I also read the Scotus Blog, Lawyernomics, and Above the Law.” –Bob Schrader, an attorney in New Hampshire, who has focused his practice on providing strategic legal advice to internet-based businesses, startups, and privately-owned businesses.
      “A great resource that I use for information on Texas law is the Texas Bar Today blog. Most state bar programs have blogs on their site that would be related to your state laws. Also, finding legal blogs that are focused on your practice area will help you stay up to date on information that is relevant to your specialty.” –Matthew Sharp, founder of a criminal defense firm in Houston, Texas.
      “A blog I’d highly recommend is BigLaw Investor, which is the top personal finance blog for attorneys.” – Kevin Han, an attorney, sharing economy expert, and blogger behind, a blog about his journey through the law, personal finance, and financial independence.
      “Since my firm handles only injury and death cases, I regularly follow a few different blogs that keep me updated on the latest injury and accident law news.  To get that type of information, my three favorite blogs would be Business Insurance, the #IAMFJA Blog and the American Association of Justice blog.” —Tina Willis, a wrongful death attorney in Orlando.
      “My favorite blog is Exit Promise, which is woman-owned and answers questions asked by small business owners, who may be reluctant to consult with a corporate lawyer.” —Kwame Dougan, Managing Partner of Scotch & Palm, the only Law and Strategy practice in the United States focused exclusively on transactions with a nexus to Africa.
      “My favorite legal blog is Employment & Labor Insider for several reasons: it is highly related to what I do (employment law); the contributors have a sense of humor and sometimes you can read it both for informational purposes and for entertainment; there is little legalese used, so every average Joe can read it and understand; it discusses some of the most interesting cases and themes that come up in employment law; and it is current and regularly updated.” –Jesse Harrison, CEO of Employee Justice Legal Team, a labor law and employment law firm with offices throughout California.

      Kristin Johnson is an executive and corporate communications professional, and founder of KSJ Communications, a communications and public relations firm. She consults with a diverse roster of clients spanning the technology, professional services, financial services, public sector, consumer, and healthcare industries. In addition to Rocket Matter, Johnson writes for various other publications as well.

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