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    Learn How to Run an Efficient, Error-free and Paperless Law Firm


      After two sessions and lunch, you’ll be armed with the tools and inside tips and tricks to transform your law office efficiency in 2010!

      • When: Wed, December 16, 2009 10:30AM-2PM
      • Where: Boca Raton Conference & Executive Center, 301 Yamato Road, Suite 1240
      • CLE: 2.0 FL Credits Pending
      • Cost: $99 per attendee, includes lunch.


      Part One
      This session will talk about how small law firms can be run more efficiently and with less potential errors, leading to more billable time (or productive time for value billers), and reducing risk of malpractice. By borrowing some ideas popular with the software and manufacturing industries on project management, such as Agile Software Development and the Getting Things Done System, attorneys can learn practical, simple techniques to employ right away.

      Catered lunch provided.

      Part Two
      This session will walk a law firm through the importance of running a paperless office and the dramatic effect being paperless can have on productivity and efficiency; not to mention time and cost savings. We will be conducting hands on demonstrations to show concretely how to scan, organize, and backup documents.

      Speaker Bio

      Larry Port
      Founding Partner and Chief Software Architect
      Rocket Matter, LLC

      At the crossroads of the legal profession and cutting edge technology, Port discusses efficiency and quality techniques in the software industry that can be leveraged by law practitioners. He has published extensively in legal publications, including ILTA’s Peer to Peer, FindLaw, Chicago Lawyer, and others. Port is also a public speaker, conducting free monthly webinars for attorneys as well speaking at Bar Association CLE’s around the country.


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