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    iPad App: eDiscovery Assistant™ – The Tool for Every Litigator


      Electronic Discovery is hard. You don’t have time to figure it all out on your own and you don’t know where to start. But you need to do it, or you’ll miss out on vital information for your case.
      ESI Attorneys knows your pain and built the eDiscovery Assistant™— the first-ever app designed to help litigators work through the eDiscovery process with their clients.

      What Does the eDiscovery Assistant Do?

      The app includes checklists, templates, eDiscovery specific rules, digests of eDiscovery case law, a glossary of terms, resources and two ways to store the information in the app to find it in a flash: My Cases or My Library. ESI Attorneys curated the data you need just for eDiscovery, so you don’t have to sift through all the FRCP or state rules to find what you need, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The app takes the information you’d expect to see in a book, and puts it in a practical, easy to use format. And it’s updated as new rules are proposed or enacted, or as new case law comes down.
      The app includes rules from all 39 states that have enacted rules regarding the discovery of ESI, as well as the FRCP and 43 individual district courts that have created guidelines, orders or individual rules on what they require parties to do. You can download the forms directly from the app and have your assistant add in your case information, or add them to the matter you create within the app. You can add the rules you need directly to the matter you create.
      eDiscovery Assistant™ includes a database of over 3300 eDiscovery specific cases that you can filter by jurisdiction AND by judge or issue. ESI Attorneys has coded each case with issue codes unique to eDiscovery. Because not all judges use the same language in their decisions, finding case law on proportionality, or what’s admissible of social media evidence can mean combing through decisions from all over the country. The app allows you to filter on social media – or drill down to Facebook, MySpace or Twitter – in two clicks. Then you can review the cases you want.
      The case database includes case cites and digests as they are added by the editors. Case digests are designed to provide the user with the information to determine whether he or she needs to read the entire case. And you can add case law to your specific matter by saving it to My Matters.

      Templates and checklists walk you through every aspect of the eDiscovery process. Not sure what to include in a legal hold notice? Need an example of how to tell your client to keep ESI for a case? Need to know what sources of ESI to talk to your client about in a particular type of matter? It’s all in the eDiscovery Assistant™.

      I Don’t Know Where to Start with eDiscovery. Can the App Help Me?

      Yes. ESI Attorneys designed the app for both experienced practitioners and legal professionals who need regular access to rules and case law across the country and those who don’t deal with it every day. New to eDiscovery? Start with the first checklist – An Overall Picture of the eDiscovery Process — and work your way down the list. See the related data tabs for each checklist to view the rules and other templates that will assist you. ESI Attorneys tagged all the data in its backend database to make it easy for you to follow. Need to know what to talk to your client about in the initial discussion? Use the checklist. Use the materials to create your own strategy.

      How Often is New Content Added to the App?

      New content is added to the App weekly. Every two weeks we send out a blog post to our users detailing all the new content that’s been added. Have we missed something that you’d like to see? Drop us a line at and let us know what you want to see in the eDiscovery Assistant™ app for iPad.

      How much does the app cost?

      The app has an initial download cost of $29.99 which includes the FRCP, multiple checklists and templates, and over 40 key cases that have been chosen by the editors, as well as complete access to the Glossary of Terms, Resources section and use of My Library and My Cases features. The balance of the content – rules for all states and federal jurisdictions and the entire database of case law – is available as an in-app purchase for $15.99/month. You can buy a full year subscription for $174.99 and save one month off the monthly price. That’s less that one hour of your time, and the app will save you that much time the first time you use it.
      Kelly Twigger is the mastermind behind the eDiscovery Assistant™app for iPad and the Principal at ESI Attorneys, a niche law firm that works in Information and eDiscovery Law. Kelly partners with businesses, law firms, government entities and anyone that wants to do eDiscovery better.

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