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    iPad App: Court Days Pro — Rules-Based Legal Calendaring App


      For a practicing lawyer, missing a court hearing or deadline can lead to your case being dismissed or even worse, to a malpractice claim.

      Now there’s an iPad app to help you avoid missing court dates.

      The Court Days Pro iPad app allows lawyers to calculate dates and deadlines based on court rules and statutes. This means that when the original event (also known as the trigger event) is created, the app will create additional events and deadlines based on that trigger event.

      The initial set up of your trigger events and the events that follow is pretty simple. Users first create a trigger date and set future deadlines by selecting the amount of days in between each deadline. Once this is accomplished, the rule is saved in the app to be used for future cases.

      The app is preprogrammed with federal holidays and also allows the flexibility of customizing those holidays. Users are also given the ability to not include weekends and holidays in the calculations of their rules.

      Available in the App Store, the $2.99 Court Days Pro app is also compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch.

      If you’re looking to stay on top of your deadlines and avoid the possibility of a malpractice claim, Court Days Pro is worth the try.

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