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    iPad App: TabLit – Trial Notebook – Walk Into Court With Only Your iPad


      Staying organized during a trial may be easier said than done. As an attorney with a heavy workload, managing your trial notes can be a struggle.

      The TabLit: Trial Notebook iPad app aims to eliminate the inconvenience of locating out-of-order documents and toting multiple folders to the courtroom.

      Upon downloading the app, users are prompted to set up notebooks for all of their cases. The steps to complete this process are pretty easy and intuitive due to the step-by-step assistance offered by the app.

      Once you’ve created the notebooks for these cases, there are three sections that are automatically generated: Case Document, Master Checklist and Case Contact. Afterward, users are able to create additional customizable sections.

      Case Document:
      Just as the title says, this section is where documents pertaining to the trial are stored. Not only can you upload and download documents to the app, you are also able to sync with document storage services such as Dropbox, Box and Google Drive.

      Master Checklist:
      This is where you will find the examination checklists that have been created for this notebook as well as the evidence that have been collected. The examination checklist includes information that was received during direct and cross examinations and can be linked directly to each individual witness.

      Case Contact:
      Within this section of the app, users can save the contact information of their client, witnesses, judge and opposing counsel. An additional feature of this section is the ability to sync your iPad contacts directly to the app.

      Available for $89.99 in the App Store, the TabLit: Trial Notebook app also offers a premium web service. These services include access to trial notebooks from your PC, syncing your information to different devices and coming soon, the ability to share your trial notes with co-counsel.

      Eliminate the hassle of organizing your physical trial notes and give the TabLit: Trial Notebook app a try.

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