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      We love creating useful content for our Rocket Matter users and fans and we’re really proud of our latest effort, the free E-Book,  Ridiculously Remarkable Legal Billing on how better billing practices can improve your law firm and your life.

      Like our law practice management software, the book is designed to help you make measurable improvements in your legal billing practices fast. And we put forth the simple proposition that improvement in your billing practices will result in improvements throughout your entire law practice.

      No matter the practice area, our happiest lawyers all have at least one thing in common: They are timely billers.

      Billing doesn’t have to be a nightmare for your firm. Our new e-book breaks it all down for you in 14 chapters, each with it’s own nugget of wisdom that you can begin applying right away.

      It’s true that improving your billing really does improve your life. Not only is it possible to get your bills out accurately and on time, but today’s technology makes it easier than ever. Save time, increase your billing and on time payments and grow your practice today with Ridiculously Remarkable Legal Billing.

      Download your free copy here!

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