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    How Multiple Timers Help Lawyers Better Track Time for Accurate Billings


      If you want to accurately bill for your time, you need to get in the habit of capturing time as close as possible to when it’s being expended. Law practice management software like Rocket Matter helps you to do this on the fly with timers that you can access when working with tasks, messages, documents, email, etc. You simply press the button to start the timer and when you’re done, press save and your time is captured.

      If you’re like most legal professionals, however, you often get interrupted and need to work on another issue but don’t want to lose your time-tracking place by restarting the timer. In order to flow seamlessly from matter to matter without missing a beat, you’ll need some help. In short, you need a legal billing platform that works the way you do.

      This is where multiple timers come in handy. Rocket Matter’s new multiple timers feature allows you to run a timer, pause it when you get interrupted, start another one, and come back to your original timer later on.

      See how multiple timers work:

      With Rocket Matter’s newly enhanced time-tracking functionality, you can have as many timers as you like, making it easy to keep track of every billable task throughout your day. Each timer tracks and captures billable time, and those billable time entries appear on your client’s invoice.

      Multiple Timers is part of the new Rocket Matter Atlas 1.1 release featuring improved onboarding with gamification, a new tax feature that allows law firms to define as many custom tax rates as they have jurisdictions, and a choice of dashboards and calendars views which allow users to customize their layouts.

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