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    Legal Cloud Computing a Cornerstone of Law 2.0, Says Report


      A paper called “Law 2.0: Intelligent Architecture for Transactional Law” from University of Colorodo’s Silicon Flatirons Roundtable Series on Entrepreneurship has some of the deepest, hard-hitting thinking you’ll come across concerning the present and future state of lawyers, their clients, and the technology changing the industry.

      Props to Jason Mendelson for blogging about the article and for his contributions to the roundtable. One of the more hotly debated aspects of law in recent years is the commoditization of services, brought to the forefront of consciousness by Richard Susskind’s book The End of Lawyers and 2009 keynote address at ABA Techshow.

      In a graphic worthy of the infographic site “Chart Porn”, Mendelson offers a matrix describing which aspects of law lend themselves more towards commoditization and which ones don’t:

      In addition, one of the key drivers enabling Law 2.0 is cloud computing, states the report. Cloud computing, write the authors, enabled by “(1) increased broadband connectivity; (2) larger and cheaper storage; and (3) faster and cheaper processing,” is increasingly trusted by lawyers and will become an increasingly more important component of legal tech.

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