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    Legal GTD: Mind maps in the law practice


      Recently I wrote about my love for mind maps and specifically, the web-based product MindMeister for online collaboration.

      The topic of mind maps has been explored recently on the SOLOSEZ listserv. Nerino Petro, PMA for the State Bar for Wisconsin, offered some great advice and tidbits:

      “I’ve found it to be helpful when in meetings with ideas or thoughts
      coming from a number of different folks. It’s easy to ID topics and
      subpoints and group them together. So you could have a mindmap with
      topics for each issue with subpoints for pro and con issues and the
      comments and thoughts for each one. You can easily move them around and
      group them as needed.”

      Nerino uses the products MindManager and Gyronix. He likes the export feature of MindManager. A simple mind map flattened into a Word file might look a little like this (Nerino’s example):

      1 Breach of Contract
      1.1 Elements necessary to Prove
      1.1.1 Existence of Contract

      Hope this helps take mind mapping from the theoretical to the concrete!

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