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    How to Find Useful Legal Industry Content to Share on Twitter


      Twitter is an information sharing and engagement platform. Consistently sharing meaningful content helps burnish your reputation and build relationships. But it can take a lot of time if all you’re doing is scrolling through the endless loop that is your Twitter feed. Here are few ways to quickly find and share useful content.

      Twitter Lists

      A finely honed Twitter list around your area of interest is a thing of beauty. It connects you to industry-related thought leaders and keeps you informed of what’s happening. Start with these 50 Lawyers You Should Be Following on Twitter.

      LinkedIn’s Pulse is often all over the place but occasionally useful. Also, Facebook allows you to view the “Page Feed,” an aggregate of all the pages you follow, but that’s a crap shoot. Your best bet are Twitter Lists.

      RSS Feeds

      Twitter lists take time to build and fine tune, but you can get started right away by using an RSS reader such as Feedly. Most blogs and news sites allow you to subscribe to their feeds so that when there’s a new post or item, it appears in your reader. Create categories around your interests such as Legal, Marketing, Social, Productivity, etc.

      Then, when you come across a useful post, check out the site and if they consistently put out information of interest to you, add the site to your Reader. Over time you’ll curate a rich information source–a knowledge-center, if you will–to learn from and share.


      Every profession has newsletters that aggregates current news of the day and delivers it to your inbox. There are many legal-industry related newsletters. One of my favorites is Pinhawk Daily Newsletters. Each daily email highlights the top news in a specific area. Many of Pinhawk’s newsletters are premium, but a few gems are free. Two useful subscriptions are Law Technology Daily Digest and Legal Administrator Daily. They’re both free.

      Another terrific email newsletter is TechnoLawyer – if you’re willing to put up with multiple emails a day. (Update: See how to manage email subscriptions in comments below)

      Search and Alerts

      If you have a narrow area of interest you want to follow and share, perform an Advanced Twitter Search, save it, and access it when you have time. Or, do a similar search on Topsy and have results delivered to your inbox.

      Check out, also, the ABA Journal Blawg Directory and Advanced Search.

      If you want to cast a wide net, use an alert service. See our discussion on Web Monitoring Alert Services: Google vs. Yahoo vs. Talkwalker. I’ve used Talkwalker for the past couple of years and it’s pretty accurate in returning mentions of the topic, person, or company I saved.

      These tools bring content to your doorstep so you don’t waste time perusing websites and scrolling though social media feeds. They keep you informed of the latest news that you can digest and share, and in the process, build relationships with folks that share your interests.

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