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    iPad App: TrialTouch – All-In-One Trial Presentation App


      Do you dream of seamlessly presenting exhibits without fumbling through paper files or accessing multiple apps? Ever wanted an app that collects documents, plays videos and displays medical animations with ease at trial? Well, look no further than TrialTouch.

      According to the app’s creator, DK Global, TrialTouch aims to “simplify complicated trial software, reduce the cost of using technology and eliminate anxiety over the use of technology.” By just testing the app for a few days, I would say mission accomplished!

      The app enables users to create and maintain case presentations effortlessly. Documents and videos are simply uploaded to the TrialTouch cloud servers where they’re then converted to a format that is optimized for use on the iPad. Those same documents and videos can be organized into folders and sub-folder, which makes the locating of these items a whole lot easier for trial.

      Additionally, there’s no need to rush back to the office to edit documents. Users are able to redact and annotate documents minutes before they’re scheduled to present and while on the go.

      An update was released on June 15, 2015 to streamline the process of accessing important case information by displaying the user’s commonly used icons on the home page.

      TrialTouch can be downloaded for free in the App Store but does require a one-year membership once 250 MB of storage has been used. The costs of the memberships differ depending on storage size and range from $1,995 to $9,995. Each subscriber will have access to unlimited support, free webinars and free training videos.

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