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    iPad App: Wolfram Lawyer’s Professional Assistant


      Lawyers are in need of reliable up-to-date information. And they need it quickly. There are many legal apps that focus on legal research but none are as comprehensive as Wolfram Lawyer’s Professional Assistant.

      The Wolfram Lawyer’s Professional Assistant iPad app is a legal terms dictionary that also provides the statutes of limitations of all 50 states. The app performs calculations based on calendar dates, fees, interest rates, settlements and more.

      The app itself is a website that presents results in layman terms and is obtained from primary sources.

      Additional features of the app enable lawyers to review the demographics and economy for a specific city while also gathering the state and national average of crime rates. A useful tool for lawyers involved with criminal prosecution.

      The intuitive interface of the app allows users to streamline the research process. The home page of the app outlines the different sections of the app, which include Reference, Calendar Computations, Financial Computations, Investigative Information, Damages Determination, Estate Planning and Real Estate.

      Each of these options are broken down further into subsections that provide additional resources. For example, when investigative information is selected, users are able to look up historical weather, find company information, look up Internet protocol addresses and web traffic, and calculate blood alcohol levels.

      What’s great about the app, is that it does not limit itself to one practice of law. Lets say that you are the defending counsel in a wrongful death suit? You are able to select the Damages determination option where you are given access to salaries for any occupation, look up company information, compare city-to-city costs of living, and determine life expectancy.

      Available for $4.99 in the app store, Wolfram Lawyer’s Professional Assistant is also compatible with the iPhone.

      If you are a busy legal professional who’s looking to eliminate unsuccessful web searches and the use of legal books, the Wolfram Lawyer’s Professional Assistant app is a perfect resolution.

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