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    Rocket Matter Internet Marketing Services Launches New Client Website: Rocket Docket Legal Software


      Rocket Docket (not to be confused with our own Rocket Matter, the legal practice management platform that also provides marketing assistance and educational content) is the modern solution to revolutionizing document assembly and case management for all law office staff. Powered by the award-winning HotDocs, Rocket Docket is a powerful automation software that is simple to use, complete with an entire library worth of forms and templates that will allow you to easily customize case and client documents.

      Logo and Website

      To relate the Rocket Docket brand to HotDocs, we decided to design the logo with a blue color scheme. The logo features a rocket in flight to signify the speed of the software. The rich blue and grey colors coupled with the round sans-serif font give this logo a modern feel, which is reflected in the flat design that is prevalent throughout the website. The blue color is featured throughout as well, tying everything back to the company logo and giving the website a very tech-y feel.

      Rocket Docket Legal Software Homepage

      Rocket Docket Legal Software Homepage

      This site was a first for Rocket Matter Internet Marketing Services. Unlike the law firm websites that we had designed in the past, we were challenged with having to create a site that features an e-commerce component. Not only does the Rocket Docket Legal Software website highlight the software and its benefits, customers are able to sign up for a free trial and purchase and download software directly. Secure payments are accepted via bank transfer, credit card, check, and even PayPal.

      Social Media

      The social media imagery created for Rocket Docket Legal Software combines a futuristic look that is meant to mimic high speed documents converging in space. This relates directly to the speed and responsiveness of the software itself, but also ties in with the space theme brought about by the name “Rocket”.  A burst of light creates a focal point and highlights the name of the software. Once the design was completed, it was adapted to the layouts of Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, and also YouTube, where the company features tutorial videos.

      Mobile Responsive

      Though Rocket Docket Legal Software is meant to operate on PC’s, it was still essential that we create a mobile responsive site. Potential clients need to be able to experience all aspects of the site (including the e-commerce sections) on their mobile devices. Attorneys can make their purchases on the go, and then download the necessary templates once they sign on to their account on a desktop machine. The mobile version of the site omits unnecessary images and makes navigation a breeze, adding to the Rocket Docket philosophy of speed and simplicity.

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