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    Legal Practice Areas in Demand After the Election – A Roundup


      The election is over and we’ll have a new administration occupying the White House bolstered by majorities in the House and Senate. What does this mean for the legal profession? For one thing, certain practice areas will be in demand.

      During a solo and small firm event I attended two days after the polls closed, some wondered aloud what effect the results would have on their practice and what areas of law would be most promising. I offered to write a piece on that but others beat me to it, and did a beautiful job, so here’s a roundup for our readers.

      Hot Solo And Small Law Firm Practices In A Trump Presidency – Carolyn Elefant’s (@carolynelefant) excellent post identified seven practice areas likely to be in demand for solo and small law firms:

      • Immigration Law
      • First Amendment, Defamation and Libel Law
      • Fifth Amendment — Eminent Domain
      • Cyberbullying
      • Student Loan Lawyers
      • Business Formation Law
      • Marijuana Law

      Hot Law Firm Practices In A Trump Presidency – Lateral Link’s Ata Farhadi (@LateralLink) offered predictions for the legal practice groups that will experience growth:

      • Domestically Focused Project Finance/Infrastructure Practice
      • Banking
      • Real Estate
      • FCPA
      • Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Counseling and Litigation
      • Reduction in White Collar Investigations and a Possible Increase in Federal Court Case
      • Other Areas Like Health care and M&A

      The Role Of The Immigration Lawyer In The Age Of Trump – Cyrus Mehta (@cyrusmehta) goes deep on The Insightful Immigration Blog, and exhorts lawyers:

      We have a new and renewed mission, and this should propel us forward and give us a new purpose.

      Last night, I attended an event where a panel of judges, lawyers, and congressional aides discussed the election’s impact on criminal justice reform, and the quote above seems appropriate to summarize their intent and to conclude this post: move forward with purpose.

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