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    Legal Practice Management Software Wish List


      We ask questions.

      As efficiency-obsessed providers of legal practice management software, we’re constantly looking for ways big and small for attorneys to streamline their law firms.

      What follows is a short list of some of the most consistent requests we receive for future enhancements to our online legal office manager, Rocket Matter.

      1) Add a Thermostat

      Who has time to get up from the desk and change the room temperature? A thermostat inside of Rocket Matter will help keep the pits free and clear of sweat stains and maintain a comfortable office environment.

      2) Translate Rocket Matter into Klingon

      Requested by droves of lawyers who take pride their individuality and depth of Star Trek knowledge. What self-respecting Trekkie lawyer sends an invoice in English?

      3) ‘Am I Hot or Not’ Integration with Contacts

      We posted in jest on April 1 that we integrated Am I Hot or Not with Rocket Matter so attorneys could rate the physical attractiveness of their contacts. When it was revealed this was an April Fool’s joke, the anger and desire for this much needed feature took us by surprise.

      4) ‘Price Is Right’-style Big Wheel to Establish Alternative Fees

      Some attorneys use our reports to come up with carefully priced numbers for their Alternative Fee Engagements. Others, apparently, want a bit of chance.

      6) K-Cup Dispenser

      Have your K-Cups shipped directly to Rocket Matter and the next time you log in, enjoy a nice fresh brew. You can even use tagging to organize your coffee inside of Rocket Matter!

      7) Rocket Matter within Rocket Matter within Rocket Matter

      Some billable hour attorneys, after seeing the movie Inception and seeing how time can be slowed in dreams inside of dreams, want us to engineer the same phenomenon into Rocket Matter. Think how much time you could bill three levels deep!

      8 ) Desktop Synch with Mimeograph Machine and Typewriters

      Some attorneys, after we satisfied their request for WordPerfect invoice generation, requested that we operate with their office hardware. Mmmmm that mimeograph smell!

      9) Scented Rocket Matter

      Orange Blossom. Jasmine. Let’s face it. The practice of law can be stressful. A little aromatherapy does the soul some good. Also, it helps when the stinky IT guy visits the office.

      10) Online Snuggie® Storage

      You never know where or when you’re gonna need that Snuggie®. How great would it be when you’re using mobile Rocket Matter, whether at the courthouse, soccer game, or deposition, you could simply download your Snuggie and snuggle on up! The best part: your hands are free to use your smartphone. 😉

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