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    Legal Productivity App of the Week – Blog From Your Phone With WordPress


      The value of blogging is well documented. We’re believers as evidenced by this blog. But let’s face it, putting out quality, consistent blog posts takes time and effort.

      The newly enhanced WordPress mobile app from one of the top blogging and content management platforms just made it a little easier.

      The impressive laundry list of new features include:

      ★ A Feature-Rich Content Editor. Now you can easily format text, make bulleted lists, create links.
      ★ Full Screen Editing. Now you can view more text at a time while you post on the go.
      ★ Keep track of your favorite blogs.
      ★ Post pictures that you’ve already taken with Quick Photo.

      In the past I’ve use the app to moderate, edit and reply to comments. Now I can also easily create and edit posts, add photos, spell check, and create links.

      Check out the free app and start blogging — on the go!

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