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    Legal Productivity App of the Week – Egretlist: An Evernote Based To-Do List


      We’ve written about Evernote and even did a video about the useful app. I use it just about every day, making it the perfect medium for creating my to-do lists. But it’s a manual process, creating lists and adding check-boxes, with little functionality beyond that.

      Stop! Get Egretlist, one of the first apps exclusively designed to extend existing Evernote functionality.

      Egretlist is a beautiful and powerful to-do app that syncs to-do items, notebooks, tags and saved searches with Evernote.

      Egretlist links to your Evernote account and finds all of your notes that contain checkboxes, lays them out in an intuitive way, and syncs any changes you make right back into Evernote. It also matches images and notes associated with each task. A nifty feature.

      If you have a deadline, add a date due and the task syncs with your calendar. The user interface is a bit stylized and takes a bit of getting used to.

      Check out Evernote’s interview with the developer of the app for additional insight before heading over to iTunes.

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