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    Legal Productivity App of the Week – Evernote – For Mobile Note Nirvana


      Earlier this week, we discussed getting started with Evernote, the amazing note taking tool. Get it on your mobile, and you’ll kick yourself for not having done so before.

      If you’re not familiar with Evernote, here’s the skinny: it allows you to organize digital clippings and notes easily, synch them across different devices, and share them.

      In other words, Evernote organizes photos, audio files, screen shots, emails, web sites, text entries, and more, tagged and tucked away into neat little notebooks. Get started with this guide if you wanna learn more.

      The mobile version is a must have, not just for your reference but for the capturing capabilities of modern smartphones. Evernote allows you to dictate audio notes using the iPhone microphone, so your ideas captured at the courthouse end up at your desktop. Take pictures of legal pads or white boards and preserve your scribble and ideas.

      And here’s the crazy part – Evernote will actually recognize the characters in your handwriting and allow you to search your notes. You have to see this functionality to believe it.

      We’re big users of Evernote here at Rocket Matter, if you couldn’t tell. 😉Question: How do you use Evernote in your practice?

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