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    Legal Productivity App Of The Week – Read it Later With Instapaper


      We consume more information than ever before. Content has changed — from entire books to quick blog posts. So has the medium — from paper to online consumption with vast amounts of information now available at our fingertips.

      Information overload!

      Enter Instapaper, a simple tool that saves online articles to read later.

      Sign up for a free account, drag the “Read Later” bookmarklet to your browser toolbar and you’re set.

      There’s no limit to how many articles you can store on Instapaper since it’s designed to store links that you don’t have the time to read right away, and that you discard after reading. If you need to store and organize tons of content, try Evernote.

      Instapaper has allowed me to cut down on the dozens of tabs and bowers that I have open at any given moment, with the well intentioned, but delusional idea that I’ll get back to the articles for later reading.

      But the real beauty is the iPhone application that syncs with your desktop browser app and also provides the opportunity to mark articles right on your phone for later reading. It’s optimized for mobile readability, forsaking images for text only and saves it for reading during your commute to work on the train, and other areas without internet access.

      Instapaper even works directly from the mobile, iPhone-friendly Google Reader site.

      I use this app every day — on my laptop and iPhone.

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