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    Legal Productivity App of the Week – Marketplace Radio by American Public Media


      I used to commute 35 minutes each way at my old job, and on the way home I scheduled my drive to listen to Marketplace, by American Public Media.

      I used to think economic and business news was as interesting as Ben Stein’s lecture in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but Marketplace changed all that with its fascinating reporting, witty style, and a kind of reporting persona that’s equal part hipster, part über-macho locker-room jock, and part TED conference lecture.

      Let’s put it this way: their host has the cool-guy name “Kai” and used to fly fighter jets.

      Now that my commute’s 10 minutes, that leaves me with a dilemma: not listen to Marketplace at all, or squeeze it in by downloading the podcast episodes, synching my iPhone, and doing that whole song and dance which doesn’t fly with my busy and scatterbrained lifestyle.

      Enter the Marketplace Radio app. You’re able to listen to the previous day’s episode on-demand and over the air, as well as listen to their morning reports and other abbreviated content. The app itself is well done and easily navigable with big buttons to hit, making it easy to use the app when you’re doing an incompatible and dangerous activity, such as driving (or base jumping).

      If you’re like me and are trying to keep on top of things, but don’t have time for BusinessWeek or The Economist, these guys do as good a job as any in making business and economic news interesting, understandable, and engaging.

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